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Established in 2012

Toys are children’s perception of the outside world, revealing their most budding ideals and aspirations.Sonny,give the world’s children the wings of the their dreams.


In 2012,Sonny was founded in Nanjing.We are focused in exportation business of plush toy, plush backpack, animated plush toy and all kinds of light industrial items.We try to find products that match our customer’s need well.Tailor-made products and services for customers.The high demand of customers is our movitation.


Sonny is always at the forefront of toys fashion.exploring,learning.and developing new fabrics  and new styles.We start with creative planning and sample making.Adhering to the professional design attitude,we do weekly meetings to discuss the development of new products.Every year,we keep on investigating the market in Germany ,France, Japan, US and so on,participate in the release of new fashions. We pay attention to the development of core technology, original creative ideas, and respect the intellectual property rights. 


We are hungry to be better and go beyond.For the details not perfect,we again and again do sampling, overtuning and revising. We always pay attention to the changes of toy safety laws and regulations, and according to the different safety standards of different toy export markets, we deal with the details in the design process to avoid various safety risks.Our production plants and suppliers has full audits. Our factory has more than 100 workers and the production capacity is expanding to meet growing customer demand.


Sonny’s team is like a family,warm and loving.We have various team building projects,rich and colorful. Employees who are inspired by love grow in their careers, making rapid progress and feeling happy. In our work environment, everyone tries to improve themselves.


It is our responsibility and commitment to do something to protect the earth's environment. We greatly reduce our environmental footprint by saving energy and water, by recycling office paper and improving product packaging and also green travel. We are committed to providing higher quality products and are concerned about material sourcing and production in accordance with the principles of social responsibility and fair dealing. Not only because it helps workers create a better future, but also it protects the planet's climate.


As well as running the business, Sonny is trying to give back to the community. Sonny has supported many poor children through elementary school to college, helping them learn about love and kindness of society.


“From how we source, how we produce, to how we reduce our impact on the environment, to how we engage with our customers, it represents the way we always do things. Thanks for your support, Sonny's Eco-Friendly plan can be implemented. You and I hand in hand, you get not only the easy service, but also the meaning beyond the toy” Sonny, find innovative toys for children all over the world and plant the seeds of their dreams for the future.


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